Spanish Hacks – Tricks for Quickly Learning Spanish

Congratulations! New to learning Spanish? I’m glad you are reading this page that means that you are interested in Speaking Spanish. And guess what, you will learn a few Spanish words today and grammar structures that I mapped with English patterns. WHY will you be learning Spanish in the next minutes while you keep reading this? Because that is my purpose. My mission is NOT ONLY to teach you Spanish, instead, I want you to see how easy and fun learning and speaking Spanish can be if you follow the patterns you know already in English. I use them as a leverage on your Spanish learning but also, I have created a method that is fun and effective where you end up USING THE SPANISH YOU JUST LEARNED. And I need you to do that for me, it is very important that you SPEAK SPANISH as soon as you are done reading here. I’m obsessed with that goal, with YOUR goal. I adore teaching, but I LOVE seeing results: YOU SPEAKING SPANISH.

Listos? Ready?

Please go ahead and follow the instructions below:

  1. Watch this quick lesson about personal pronouns.
  2. Watch this last lesson on how to conjugate verbs.
  3. Please post IN SPANISH “I buy apples” on SPANISH IN SECONDS FACEBOOK PAGE, by clicking HERE. PLEASE SPEAK SPANISH, POST THE SENTENCE AS LIVE VIDEO. (You don’t dare… ok, just WRITE the post… but DO IT! )
  4. Thank you for learning SPANISH and FOR USING YOUR SPANISH!

SIS hacks - Hacks to Learn Spanish