May 21, 2024

Welcome to Spanish in Seconds

¡ Hola! Soy Debbie.


(Just follow these hacks as a COMPLEATED SYSTEM)

  1. You show up for SPANISH IN SECONDS lesson (18 minutes minimum to cover the WHOLE SYSTEM 1- 5)
  2. Watch the video lesson (6 minutes)
  3. Go to the SPANISH IN SECONDS GYM. (2 to 3 minutes)
  4. Show up on Vocabulary Boot Camp (4 minutes)
  5. Speak and/or write SPANISH. (5 minutes)

I am excited to share with you the SYSTEM I created for myself to finally SPEAK ENGLISH fluently. And after coaching tons of Spanish student with this SYSTEM for the last decade with optimal results I decided to share my SPANISH IN SECONDS SYSTEM with you! And that is why I’m so happy for you because Speaking Spanish can be one of your skills sooner than you think.

SPANISH IN SECONDS SYSTEM is very simple, actually is a shortcut to learning Spanish. I focus my students’ attention on small lessons that can be done in 18 minutes. The 5 Hacks listed above lead you to start your daily Spanish lesson from scratch all the way to wrap up on IMPLEMENTING what you just learned and that for me is the MOST IMPORTANT THING: YOU SPEAK SPANISH at the end of the lesson.

You can watch this video about -personal pronouns-  it’s last only 3 minutes. I want you to watch how easy and intuitive I deliver the SMALL lessons.

I can’t wait for you to start speaking Spanish! Let me be part of your journey 🙂